10 - 12 MAY 2021 

The Youth Track at the CCCNZ Ministry Summit is for those in key leadership roles in high school and young adult ministry: youth pastors, key youth leaders and interns. Our sessions together will include a mix of input from experienced practitioners along with open forums and will be followed by time in small groups to discuss the personal implications of what we’ve been discovering.



Murray is a Youth Enabler with CCCNZ. He has over 35 years experience in youth ministry, including serving as a youth pastor, denominational leadership (national and regional) and 12 years lecturing in youth ministry at Carey Baptist College. He has taught widely both in NZ and overseas, and has acted as a youth ministry consultant for churches and has been a supervisor/mentor to many youth pastors.


Session 1: "Mustard Seeds and Leaven"
Whether we are aware of it or not, “the power of small” has been active in our lives and has led us to be the leaders we are today. We’ll reflect on how God used “the small” to guide us into leadership and how “the small” has influenced the values we bring with us into leadership.

Session 2: "Leaving 99"
Jesus’ parable of the lost sheep is a reminder of the importance of the individual to God. Jesus modelled this principle in the ways He engaged with the individual and in so doing set a pattern for us to follow as we balance our involvement with the ninety-nine and with the one.

Session 3: Less is more: “This one thing I do…”
The consequence of the “power of small” means that sometimes “less is more”. In other words, we can accomplish more if we direct most of our effort into those things that really do produce lasting fruit. We’ll explore what this “less” might look like in our lives and ministries.

Session 4: “It’s the Little Foxes that spoil the vineyard...”
“The small” not only influences us in positive ways. Small compromises in our lives or neglect of what seems insignificant can also limit the effectiveness of what we do and cause grossly disproportionate damage to our lives and to our ministries.

All Together Session #1

Zechariah 4: The Day of Small Things

All Together Session #2
Mustard Seed: The Power of the Gospel

Small Groups
A time to connect with others, discuss the previous session, share experiences and pray together. 


10 - 12 MAY 2021


Willow Park Christian Camp

1 Hostel Access Road

Eastern Beach

Auckland 2012, NZ




includes meals and accomodation.

Registrations close 18 April.

If you missed out on registering - please get in touch with Events Manager Hannah Munro 027 298 7880