In addition to training events listed on our EVENTS page, we offer the following in person or online training opportunities for your youth leadership team:

Triple Training

Triple Training is a training programme for volunteer leaders consisting of three modules each with three topics. We can present any three topics to your team as three one hour teaching sessions. You decide what time best suits: a Saturday morning, Sunday afternoon/evening or squeezed into a single evening. All sessions are not only informative: they are interactive and creatively taught.

MODULE I:  Leadership Essentials

These topics help leaders understand the unique dynamics of youth leadership and the expectations and pressures that come upon them as they lead. 

1.  Understanding Leadership

  • What a call to leadership means
  • How God views leadership
  • What God expects of us as leaders

2.  Relational Leadership

  • Connecting with young people
  • Motivating and inspiring young people
  • Positive discipline with young people

3.  Leadership Pitfalls

  • Motivation for leadership
  • The cost of leadership
  • Obstacles to effective leadership

MODULE II: Leadership Skills
These topics equip leaders with the essential skills they need to lead effectively in youth ministry. 

1.  Leading a Small Group

  • Preparing good questions
  • Group dynamics
  • Pray ministry

2.  Discipleship

  • The call to make disciples
  • Elements of discipleship
  • Indwelling discipleship

3.  Programming Principles

  • Effective planning
  • People focussed programming
  • God focussed programming

Pastoral Care
These topics help leaders understand teenagers and how best to care for them, listening and helping them overcome challenges as they grow in their faith. 

1.  Understanding Teens

  • Adolescent development
  • Adolescent needs
  • Adolescent culture

2.  Helping Skills

  • Preparing to help
  • Listening skills
  • Asking good questions

3.  Resolving Skills

  • Reframing the problem
  • Goal setting
  • Follow up

Contact the youth enabler if you'd like to explore the possibility of hosting a training event or seminar.

Online Training

To maintain a consistent level of competency for all our youth leaders we recommend the option of online training, which all leaders can do in their own time on their own phone or device. Training includes downloadable content which key leaders can use with their teams to further enhance and reinforce what was learnt.

Small Groups
A course that teaches the importance of small groups and provides practical insights into how to lead well.

Duty of Care

A course for all leaders that covers the essentials of safe and ethical practice within youth ministry.