The goal of having a healthy and sustainable youth ministry – one that continues to remain strong after the youth leader moves on and is replaced, is an elusive goal for many churches.

They operate under the assumption that all they need is to find the next "superstar" youth leader and their problems will be over. What's needed is a systematic approach in which a team of people seek God over the direction of the youth ministry and from there develop a sense of where He is leading.

To assist churches in this task we have developed a set of seven key indicators each with four strategic assets that are common to effective youth ministries (see below).

We can work with your church to identify a youth ministry's assets, concerns and challenges, resulting in a list of recommendations that are then developed into a strategic plan.


We offer an advocacy service for youth leaders and a conflict resolution service for churches when points of disagreement arise. Our youth enabler has many years of experience in church life and can assist churches in making fair and God honoring resolutions when disagreements or concerns arise.


We can help you with staff appointments, advising you over job descriptions, advertising for suitable people and assisting with interviews.


Contact us about ways we might assist you through our consultancy service.

CONSULTANCY RESOURCE: Check out the resource on the right which forms part of our strategic planning consultation