The Importance of Coaching

Youth ministry is a challenging and important journey, no more so than when we’re just starting out. Through coaching, a youth pastor or key leader benefits from the insights and skills of those with far greater experience.

 A good youth ministry coach will raise the understanding and skill level of those they are coaching, alerting them to potential threats and teaching them strategies that will ultimately lead to effectiveness and success

The role of the coach is not to criticise or control but to encourage and enable. It involves more listening than telling; more discerning than directing.

The Process of Coaching

To help you through the first year (or more) of youth ministry as a youth pastor or key leader, we offer a free coaching service to ensure that you start out right.

Coaching takes place through regular one hour Skype meetings (face to face when possible) between the youth leader and a CCCNZ coach. 

Using our Coaching Manual, the leader takes responsibility for setting an agenda for meetings using our six point coaching template :

  1. Skills to be learnt and developed

  2. Strategic assets to be added to the ministry

  3. Areas of understanding to be explored

  4. Decisions to be made

  5. Experiences to be analysed and reflected upon

  6. Personal matters to be discussed

The process of coaching is not one in which the leader is told what they must do. Instead it is a means through which the leader is given access to more information which they then use to discern what God is saying.

One-off Coaching Sessions

Some form of coaching is indispensable for new youth pastors. It can also be useful for experienced leaders even for a single one-off session to explore an issue they are facing.


Download a copy of our coaching manual below and contact us if you are interested in coaching for yourself or your church’s youth pastor/key youth leader.

COACHING MANUAL: Download a copy of our coaching manual on the right.

COACHING RESOURCES: Check out these two resources which form part of our coaching programme.