What is FIRST Training?

FIRST Training is an annual three day retreat for young people in the 16-18 age bracket. Too often we lose young people at this time, yet many have leadership potential that needs nurturing. We urge you to set up a leadership development programme (see link below) for these young people and then invite them to join you at one of three annual retreats. Dates and venues for 2021 are as follows:

  • South Island: 5-7 June at Living Springs, Christchurch.
  • Upper North Island: 20-22 July at Chosen Valley, Auckland.
  • Lower North Island: 12-14 October at Forest Lakes, Ōtaki

What Happens at FIRST Training?

FIRST Training includes a mix of teaching, time in small groups for discussion, and "solo" times for prayer and reflection. There is also time set aside in the evenings for young people to gather in their youth groups with their leader(s) for further discussion and prayer. Sessions focus on a range of topics related to leadership development. See link below for curriculum and timetable. We run a two year roll over curriculum meaning young people can attend two retreats over two years and cover different material.


Cost for 2021 is $180.00. It is our recommendation that churches assist in raising money so that no individuals are left behind for financial reasons. Churches and young people can fundraise or ask church members to sponsor individuals. If you still have a shortfall, talk to us about applying for funding.


Approach those young people you'd like to invite and give each of them an invitation (see link below) and download a registration form (see link below) for them each to complete. When you have collected these, register your young people online using the link below as soon as it becomes active

Further information

To get fully on board with FIRST Training download a step by step checklist using the link below. Also below you'll see links to two promotional videos: one for you to view as a leader and another for you to show to your young people.

For Youth Leaders

For Young People


Registrations will go live 3 months before each event.

1. Download and print registration form below.

2. Parents and Leaders to fill in forms.

3. Register your group and upload scanned forms using the link to the Google form below.

4. If you get more registrations, use the form again. 

5. CCCNZ will send an invoice once registrations close.