In addition to training events listed on our EVENTS page, we offer the following training opportunities for your youth leadership team:


To maintain a consistent level of competency for all our youth leaders we recommend the option of online training, which all leaders can do in their own time on their own phone or device. Training includes downloadable content which key leaders can use with their teams to further enhance and reinforce what was learnt.

Duty of Care

A course for all leaders that covers the essentials of safe and ethical practice within youth ministry.

Small Groups
A course that teaches the importance of small groups and provides practical insights into how to lead well.


Our youth enabler is available to speak at local church training events, seminars and leadership retreats.

We offer training for volunteer leadership teams in three broad areas. The topics listed under each are suggestions only and are not exhaustive. We tailor the training to meet your unique needs.

All content reflects the conviction that youth ministry needs to be "in Spirit and in Truth" (John 4:24). It aims to improve participants understanding and skill, while promoting a practical reliance upon God and an understanding of His role in effective ministry.

Leadership Essentials
These topics help leaders understand the unique dynamics of youth leadership and the expectations and pressures that come upon them as they lead. Content can include topics such as the call to lead, responsibilities of leaders, and the challenges of leadership.

Leadership Skills
These topics equip leaders with the essential skills they need to lead effectively in youth ministry. Content can include small group leadership, running programmes and preaching brief messages.

Pastoral Care
These topics help leaders understand teenagers and how best to care for them, listening and helping them overcome challenges as they grow in their faith. Content can include adolescent development and needs, listening skills and resolving skills.

Contact the youth enabler if you'd like to explore the possibility of hosting a training event or seminar.