FIRST Training

What is FIRST Training?

FIRST Training is a CCCNZ Youth initiative aimed at those aged 16-18 who are beginning or preparing to take on leadership responsibilities in our churches and youth ministries. It consists of two 3 day retreats held over a two year period to which youth pastors and key leaders invite selected young people to attend.

Dates for 2020


  • South Island: 30 May-1 June 2020 at Living Springs, Christchurch
  • Upper North Island: 7-9 July at Camp Whakamaru near Taupo
  • Lower North Island: 14-16 July at Forest Lakes, Otaki


  • Teaching: By CCCNZ youth enabler and experienced youth pastors . All content is leadership focussed with a biblical foundation and participants record what they learn in pre-printed workbooks
  • Group interaction: Small group discussion times where participants build community and grow in understanding.
  • Group reflection: Evenings are spent in youth groups discussing the personal implications of the content covered and praying fo0r each other.
  • Personal reflection: Directed solo time and journalling.


The curriculum covers four core areas

  • Leadership dynamics
  • Leadership skills,
  • Self awareness
  • Personal devotion

You can view a full outline of the two year curriculum using the link at the bottom of this page. Half of the content will be covered at each retreat and repeated every second year.

For Leaders: Making the most of FIRST Training (See checklist below)

In order to ensure your young leaders gain the most from FIRST Training:

  • Make FIRST Training part of your own leadership development programme. For assistance in setting this up download the relevant guide below.
  • Plan to attend with your young people. This will provide them with the personal support they need throughout the three days and will familiarise you with knowledge they are gaining.
  • Continue to meet with your young leaders after the retreat, helping them to put into practice what they've been learning.

If the youth pastor or key leader is unable to attend with their young people they must nominate a


In order to ensure that every young person who comes gets the most out of the retreat, we don't allow individuals to register. Instead the youth pastor/key leader must approach individuals and invite them to come and then register them. First, leaders need to register their group - see the link below.

Cost: $180 per person

We recommend you set up a sponsorship programme in your church where older people are invited to invest in a young leader by paying all or some of their cost. Make it more than about the money - ask them to pray for their young person throughout the retreat and require each young person to report back to them.


Leaders and young people share their experiences after a FIRST Training Retreat.

What about COVID-19? 
We are keeping a close eye on the Ministry of Health website in regards to our response for events. Currently (11/03), if you have travelled to/in mainland China, Iran, northern Italy or the Republic of Korea (excluding airport transit) in the past 14 days to not attend any public events. Hygiene will be of utmost importance and remembering to wash/sanitise hands frequently. If you are feeling unwell, please do not attend any public event. 

For Youth Leaders

For Young People

Register your youth group for FIRST Training using the button on the right and we will be in touch about the process for registering individuals.


Registrations will open in the new year for our 2020 retreats.