CCCNZ Youth is a part of CCCNZ and operates under their oversight. Our statement of purpose is: To develop effective youth leaders in healthy youth ministries.

Together with CCCNZ Children's and Families Ministries and NZ Rally we hold to five core convictions which appear at the bottom of this page.


Christian Community Churches of New Zealand is a national service trust serving a growing family of independent churches and support ministries across New Zealand. It aims to working together with these groups to grow, multiply and send, everyday disciples, leaders and churches into every local community in New Zealand.

More information including staff and beliefs can be viewed on the main CCCNZ website here.


Leadership of CCCNZ Youth is provided through a national team of experienced youth pastors who assist us in ensuring what we do has grassroots support, relevance and effectiveness. Together they develop national strategy while those with regional responsibility serve churches and youth leaders in their region. The team currently has five members which we expect will grow to eight by the end of 2020.

MURRAY BROWN: National Youth Enabler

Murray serves as the CCCNZ Youth Enabler. He has over 40 years experience in youth ministry, including serving as a youth pastor for 17 years and holding various denominational leadership roles (national and regional) while lecturing in youth ministry at various Bible Colleges. He has taught widely both in NZ and overseas, and has acted as a youth ministry consultant for churches while supervising/coaching youth pastors over many years. He has two adult children.

DONNA GRANT : Coaching

Donna has over 10 years of youth ministry experience ranging from being an intern to a Youth Pastor at Crossroads in Palmerston North where she completed a Diploma in Theology and a Diploma in Family Studies . She's a full time mum to two children and intends to eventually resume her studies to complete a Bachelor in Counselling, with a focus on youth and families.

MARINA SHANNON : North Shore/West Auckland Regional Youth Enabler

Marina is the youth pastor at Orewa Community Church where she has served since 2014. She also works part time as a physiotherapist.

BRAD DE VILLIERS : Wellington Regional Youth Enabler

Brad has been involved in youth ministry for 17 years, all within the Wellington Region. He started as a church intern in Karori. I then ran the Karori Youth Drop-in Centre for the council, for 2.5 years. He is the youth pastors at The Anchor where he has been involved with young people for over 13 years including working in Aotea College (24-7) and in other youth-related settings.

SEAN YOUNG: Top of the South Island Regional Youth Enabler

Sean is the youth pastor at Grace Church in Nelson where he has been employed as youth pastor for four years. Previously he has served with the NZ Army in Bosnia, and has worked for the NZ Police. He and his wife have two young children. 

Our Core Convictions

CCCNZ Youth, CCCNZ Children and Families and NZ Rally agree that the following convictions should shape our conversations and strategies, and help us work together effectively:

1.   Discipleship
We believe that all ministry has as its core the desire to grow lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ.

2.  Family
We believe that ministry to children and young people includes resourcing and supporting the entire family.

3.  Leadership Development
We believe that all children and young people have the capacity to provide leadership and need encouragement and opportunities to do so.

4.  Community
We believe that ministry to children and young people needs to have an outward component, serving the community and reaching people with the good news of Jesus.

5.  Integration
We believe that children and young people are an integral part of the wider church where they are known, valued and involved.